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Taak/Chaas Recipe (Sweet & Masala both) | Buttermilk - Indian Cold Drink - ENGLISH Sub-titles

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Juice's Recipes :
1) Taak/Chaas Recipe : https://youtu.be/zFMIZUWtN3c
2) Watermelon juice : https://youtu.be/z6WTjZHA9Aw
3) Roof Afza Sharbat : https://youtu.be/wnhrp88Bmh0
4) Kairi cha Panha : https://youtu.be/qHK-IxLEFcM
5) Strawberry Juice : https://youtu.be/VL_GCn1Tgkw
6) Avocado Milkshake : https://youtu.be/ZZEMx8iz22s
7) Strawberry Milkshake : https://youtu.be/dNCXj9WSJUE
8) Mango Banana Rooh Afza Milkshake : https://youtu.be/an_luJAeuaw
9) Frooti Recipe : https://youtu.be/n6_uzxpVLSg
10) 32g Protein Shake : https://youtu.be/Y12zCTDLk4A
11) Mango Lassi : https://youtu.be/DejFIk5cP-Q
12) 3 Types of Smoothie : https://youtu.be/8vmJ0vG98KY

ENGLISH Sub-titles - Marathi Recipe
The summers are here and here is a great way to cool off -- chaas.
Chaas, also pronounced 'Chaach' and known by several other names in other Indian languages, is a yogurt-based drink popular across India.

Reasons Chaas or buttermilk is great for your health-

#1 Helps calm the stomach after a spicy meal
#2 Washes down fats
#3 Aids in digestion
#4 A great tool against dehydration
#5 Gives you calcium sans the fat
#6 Prevents vitamin deficiency
#7 Reduces high blood pressure
#8 Brings about a drop in cholesterol
#9 Combats acidity

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