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This thread is for general discussion of current topics in F1 and quick questions about the sport.

Throwback to when Lewis left his phone on the podium at the 2017 Japanese GP and DannyRic had some fun with it

The 2020 F1 season will be the first to begin in Europe since the 1966 season started in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton: This past week has been so dark. I have failed to keep hold of my emotions...

Ricardo Rosset was one of the worst F1 drivers ever but his helmet design was one of the best

Hackett & Williams Martini Racing - The coolest pitstop [2048x1336]

Christian Horner says F1 will NEVER have a better chance to try reversed grids

Throwback to when McLaren 'accidentally' revealed upgrade ahead of first Singapore GP

[Formula 1] The opening 8 races of a revised 2020 calendar are now confirmed All 8 are currently set to be closed events, operating under the strongest safety procedures Further races will be announced in the coming weeks

A reminder of the Abuse that Hamilton received during preseason testing in 2008. His words on social media are justified given the his experiences

Spotted while driving around Flat Rock, MI

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