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Fatal MRAP Accidents Prompt Warnings Video

PlusFatal MRAP Accidents Prompt WarningsFatal MRAP Accidents Prompt WarningsThe Associated PressFive deaths caused by rollovers and dozens of other accidents in Iraq and Afghanistan have led U.S. military leaders to warn troops to be smart behind the wheel. (July 24)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] They are the perfect vehicle to withstand an attack like this.(nat sound of blast) MRAPs, as they are called, are hulking trucks reinforced with heavy armor and sit high off the ground that are the military's answer to I-E-Ds and other roadside bombs.SOT Rep. Gene Taylor"they're saving lives. They're saving lives everyday."And because of that they are darling of the Pentagon and of commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan.SOT Dakota WoodOh if I was going from point a to point b put me in an MRAP. I mean everybody you talk to who has been in a convoy and hit by a blast doesn't want to be in a humvee because of the impact would much prefer an MRAPHowever, it's that same protection and design that also make them prone to rolling over especially on uneven or soft terrain or during sharp turns, like this accident that was caught on tape.(pause for nat sound)The Associated Press has learned that there have been nearly 40 such incidents in the last eight months, including some fatalities.Two soldiers drowned when their MRAPs flipped over into a canal in Iraq.SOT Dakota Wood, Senior Fellow CSBAIt's a complicated problem where the very characteristics of vehicle that give me the protection that I want, a lot of armour plating, very heavy using mass as protection ainst an explosion than turn into these down sides.While the Pentagon says MRAPS are as stable as any other military vehicle, the Marine Corps issued this safety pamphlet, telling troops - quote - 'this ain't your father's oldsmobile.'It urges them to:reduce speeds on turnsavoid sudden vehicle maneuvers like excessive steering or over correctingand to be extra careful on rural roads and when they go off roads.Representative Taylor, who serves on the Armed Forces committee, says while these may seem like basic instructions it's important to note that MRAPS were rushed to service before anyone had any extensive training.SOT Taylor The young men and women who drive these vehicles need to train in them before they get to theater. But I've come to understand it's important to get them to theater as well and with not enough produced yet the decision was rightly made to get them to theater first and then get them to the training installations.He says he hopes that trend will change this fall.Also there's a new, more durable, version of the vehicle currently in development called the MRAP TWO.In the meantime the Pentagon is doubling the number of MRAPs it has in Afghanistan, but is making sure to send the lightest most agile versions of the vehicle. ___ ___, The Associated Press
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