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Be the Living Proof of God Video

We need to stop practicing a spiritual path of philosophy and intellect and instead become living proof that Spirit is all that truly exists. In this video, Michael Mirdad tells us how to live the Truth of God, even while we live in a world of illusion. He explained that one way to achieve this is to practice random acts of kindness for ourselves and others. Another way to achieve this is by doing our best to prove this world does not control us--even though most people believe it does. Michael shared how the thought system of Spiritualism, as well as the symbolism of the crucifixion and resurrection hold a message that this world is not the real world. He then shared examples of how he accomplished this and asked attendees to search their minds to discover times when they too have accomplished this. It was amazing to hear so many examples of how we, in our own way, have done the work of Christ by becoming living proof that we can all override the laws of this world and accomplish what seems so impossible. We can all prove that the fear of our ego need not paralyze us.

♦️How to prove there is a God
♦️Walking the talk
♦️Examples of being God on earth

Read more on this topic here: https://www.michaelmirdad.com/be-the-living-proof-of-god/

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