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How to Pronounce Phrasal Verbs with Word Stress and Linking Video

Want to pronounce phrasal verbs like a native English speaker? Then you need to learn how to stress phrasal verbs based on whether it's a noun, verb, or adjective. You also need to understand how to link phrasal verbs together. Practice the pronunciation of phrasal verbs, stress, and linking in English with 10 common phrasal verbs.

As you can hear in these examples, stressing phrasal verbs correctly is an essential part of clear sentence stress and English rhythm. Word and sentence stress help native speakers understand you, and we're expecting to hear phrasal verbs stressed on the right word depending on its part of speech. We often link consonants to the vowel that follows, and we use the flap t to make this happen. Be sure to review these practice exercises and create your own in the comments!

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Find the transcript and more practice here: https://englishwithkim.com/pronounce-phrasal-verbs/

0:00 Introduction
0:36 Understanding Phrasal Verbs
1:32 How to Stress Phrasal Verbs (Word Stress)
2:53 Practice Stressing Phrasal Verbs in Sentences
9:52 How to Link Words Together in Phrasal Verbs
13:43 Stress is More Important Than Linking

How to Pronounce Phrasal Verbs Like a Native English Speaker:

1) Turn Off
Turn OFF the light when you leave.
His behavior is such a TURN off.

2) Take Out
I went to the library to take OUT some books.
Let’s get TAKEout for dinner tonight.

3) Hang Out
Let’s hang OUT this weekend.
In college, that was our favorite HANGout.

4) Log In
You need to log IN to your account.
I forgot my LOGin for this website.

5) Work Out
Are you going to to work OUT after work?
I really enjoyed my WORKout today.

6) Break Up
I heard they broke UP last month.
He’s been sad since his BREAK-up.

7) Check In
Remember to check IN online.
Let’s ask at the CHECK-in counter.

8) Set Up
We have to set UP the equipment.
I like this SETup; it looks cool!

9) Take Off
We’re waiting for the plane to take OFF.
Prepare for TAKEoff and turn off your phones.

10) Move In
My new roommate is going to move IN this weekend.
What’s your MOVE-in date for your new apartment?

🤗 I’m Kim, and I’m here to help you express your meaning and your message through stress, intonation, and how you you use your voice and breath.

In other words, you’ll learn how to communicate clearly and confidently in American English so that people will definitely understand (and *listen* to) what you have to say.

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