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PVT Hybrid Collector for combined production of electrical and thermal energy Video

Center for Plasma Technlogy Plasma doo Skopje

Solar thermal absorber: Camel Solar
PV module: PiKCell Group

Assembled at: Camel Solar
Researched and developed by:

Center for Plasma Technologies
Supported by: Fund for Innovation and Technology Development

[email protected] ; [email protected]
+389 2 260 2029

PVT collectors provide both electrical and thermal energy.
Electrical power is around 20% more than standard PV panel plus 3 to 4 times more thermal power compare with electrical power from PV standard module.
The greater part of the absorbed solar radiation by photovoltaic is converted into heat (at about 70% ‐ 80%), small part reflected and the rest into electricity. As result of that cell temperature of PV is increasing. This effect reduces PV electrical efficiency.
In façade or inclined roof installations on buildings, the thermal losses are reduced due to the thermal protection of PV rear surface and PV modules operate at higher temperatures.
This undesirable effect can be partially avoided by PVT hybrid collector by applying a suitable heat extraction with a fluid circulation, keeping the electrical efficiency at a satisfactory level.

PVT collectors are divided in two groups:

a) Glazed: PV panel with additional glass above PVT panel which produce more thermal power and
b) Unglazed: PV panel without additional glass which produce more electrical power.
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