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Place of Articulation | Bilabials, Labiodentals, Dentals, Interdentals, Alveolars, Velars, Glottals Video

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In this video we discuss about place of articulation of consonants.
These are the followings
1. Bilabials (while joining both lips) such as [b], [m], [p]
2. Labiodentals (while meeting upper teeth with lower lip) such as [v] and [f]
3. Dentals (When tongue touches behind upper front teeth). Same sounds are also produced as "Interdentals" (when the tongue makes contact between the teeth). These sounds are [θ] and [ð]. In words like think, the, that, their,etc.
4. Alveolars (While the tongue touches alveolar ridge a rough bony mass just above upper front teeth) such as [t], [d], [n], [z], [s], [r] and [l].
5. Palatals (Further back of alveolar ridge is our palatal a bony structure) such as [ʃ] sure, [ʧ], [ʤ], [ʒ], [j]. Examples are sure, church, judge, pleasure, yes respectively.
6. Velars (Further back of hard palatal is soft part called soft palatal or velum) such as [ɡ], [k], [ŋ]. Examples are game, cat and morning respectively.
7. Glottals (produce from the space between vocal folds and tongue makes no contact with any part of the mouth). The only example is [h] as in house, whose, home, etc.
With this respect we also look at which are voiced and which are voiceless sounds.
For this you could concern IPA chart or watch my video where I have displayed it. Just for English consonants refer to the book The Study of Language by George Yule 4th edition, ch#3, page number: 30
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