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Knotting 120 - Sheet Bend Double Video

This time we will learn about the “Double Sheet Bend” (also known as the Double Becket Bend). It is a more secure variation of the “Sheet Bend” and is often used in joining two ropes that have a marked difference in their diameters.

Here is how to tie a Double Sheet Bend:
Step 1. First, Form a bight at the end of one rope
Step 2. Take the second line and tuck it up through the bight
Step 3. Wrap it under the bight
Step 4. then tuck the working end beneath itself so both short ends are located on the same side of the knot.
Step 5. Bring the working end around and beneath the bight as well as its own standing line once again, keeping it to the right of the original pass.
Step 6. Pull all four ends to tighten.

The addition of an extra turn around the bight prevents slipping, especially with extra-smooth ropes. For maximum strength, the free ends should land up on the same side of the double sheet bend knot.

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