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Phonetics_Consonants_Voiced/Voiceless Sounds_The Sounds of Language_The Study of Language_ENGLISH Video

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In this video we have discussed
What is Phonetics and its different areas?
Phonetics deals with the study of characteristics of speech sounds.
Different Areas
Articulatory Phonetics ( Studies the production or articulation of speech sounds through vocal organs e.g. for example their place and manner)
Acoustic Phonetics ( Explore, how the speech sounds travel in the form of waves in the air)
Auditory Phonetics ( Also known as Perceptive Phonetics, covers the area of how the ear precept sound waves)
Our main concern is Articulatory Phonetics throughout this chapter and lecture.
Then we discuss
Different potions of Vocal Folds.
1. Closed or Abducted (Normal position). When no sounds are produced. While swallowing food, vocal folds are also completely closed.
2. Vibrating or Voiced: In this position air through lungs pushes them apart which create a vibrating effect. if you pronounce z-z-z-z or b-b-b-b or v-v-v-v-, while putting your finger on Adam's apple you would observe it clearly the vibrating effect.
3. Voiceless: When the vocal fold are spread apart and air from lungs passes through them unimpeded (without any resistance). Sounds produce in this way are voiceless, such as f-f-f-f, s-s-s-s-, etc.
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