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Sourdough Pancakes Recipe Video

Our favorite sourdough pancakes recipe is simple to whip up with just a few basic ingredients. Add toppings, like blueberries or chocolate chips to make them an extra special weekend morning treat.

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If you have been hanging around the old farmhouse a while, you know how I loooove my sourdough starter.ย I have been nurturing it for over six years now.

I use it to make English muffins, pizza crusts, sourdough skillets (recipe coming soon), even doughnuts! But, you know what I make with it more than anything else? Pancakes. Deliciously fermented, fluffy, crisp around the edges, sourdough pancakes.

"If that's so, why pray tell has it taken you so dang long to post the recipe??", you might ask.

I must admit, I have no excuse. I just never got around to it. Several people on Youtube and Instagram stories asked me about my pancake recipe. Your promptings finally kicked me into gear.

So, here it finally is my friends. Our sourdough pancake recipe. The one I have made every Saturday morning for probably like six years now.

Now, if you have been making recipes with sourdough starter, you may know that usually there is a waiting time to allow for fermentation, like in my sourdough English muffin recipe.

But, the wonderful thing about this recipe is there is no wait. You just need to have two cups of fed starter on hand. It doesn't even have to be room temperature. You can pull your glass bowl of starter out of the fridge, and as long as there is at least two cups of starter, you are good to go!

Now, this is of course assuming that you fed your starter and allowed it to ferment a little before you put it away last time. If you just stirred the flour and water in, and popped it into the fridge straightaway, it will need a little fermenting time.

And if this is all a bunch of jibberish, make sure to visit my post on all the benefits, how to, and why do (just made that up) of sourdough, in this post.

Our Sourdough Pancake Recipe Ingredients
2 cups fed Sourdough Starter
2 eggs
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
Coconut oil for frying

Our Sourdough Pancake Recipe the Process
Although it certainly isn't a requirement for sourdough pancake makin', I prefer using cast iron. If you are brand new to cast iron cooking visit this post all about it.

To ensure the cakes don't stick, you will need to follow two rules.

Preheat the skillet before letting the batter hit it.
Only flip the pancake one time.

Mix the starter, eggs, coconut oil, honey and salt in a glass bowl. Add the baking soda last, and watch the starter foam up. That's my favorite part. :)

I like my sourdough pancakes to have that crispy fried edge. To do this, I start by preheating a tablespoon of coconut oil in my skillet.

After it is hot enough o produce a sizzle, I pour a ladle full of batter right onto the hot oil. At this point, I turn the stove down a bit so that the pancake has a chance to cook through without the bottom burning. Remember that "flip only one time" rule.

After the top is nice and bubbly, give it a little flip.

Allow it to cook another 30 seconds on the other side.

Repeat. Repeat.

If we plan to add blueberries and chocolate chips, we like to put them on the uncooked side while the cakes are cooking. I find that if the chocolate actually makes contact with the skillet, they tend to stick.ย  This is why I don't stir them into the batter. Same goes for blueberries.

This little barefoot girl is my official kitchen helper. When I am through most of the batter, she likes to use the rest to make little pancakes for her dolls.

Music: Morning Mandolin by Chris Haugen
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