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Unit 1 Evaluation Of Electronics
Introduction to Electronics and Applications https://youtu.be/j8_Og-iWKCc
Drift and Diffusion Current https://youtu.be/1DRHT61Z_JI
Energy Band Structures in Metals , Semiconductor and Insulators [Hindi ] https://youtu.be/FTqDvaB-ux4
Conductivity of Semi Conductors https://youtu.be/64nr4hDtVTg
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Semiconductor – Properties https://youtu.be/3mJmOr21tdw
Conduction in Semiconductor , Effect of heat on Conductivity and Concentration of Intrinsic Semicond https://youtu.be/6eIZTBqEn0o
Variation in Semiconductor Parameter With Temperature https://youtu.be/afHlo7VjmVI
Fermi Energy , Fermi Level , Fermi Dirac Function https://youtu.be/8QzDGzw-q_Y
Band Structure of Open Circuted PN Junction https://youtu.be/7ZzoM0_1cdI
Fermi Level in a Semiconductor having Impurities https://youtu.be/pDbChL0dqXs
Carrier Lifetime For charge carriers In Semi Conductors https://youtu.be/UwNZ7dRDgwU
Continuity Equation https://youtu.be/SD7sP-hIz78

Unit 2 : Theory Of P-N junction Diodes
Theory of P-N Junction Diode , DIode Current Equation https://youtu.be/O0Yigenf4z8
Diode resistance - Static and Dynamic Resistance https://youtu.be/7RhBVl4UAbQ
Transition and Diffusion Capacitance https://youtu.be/n_nZIbj-DUw
Effect of temperature on P-N Junction Diode https://youtu.be/TZ6IA1GBqXw
Zener Diode - Avalanche and Zener Breakdown https://youtu.be/EVPtEZ9KwEA
Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator with Numerical https://youtu.be/TWUkv5BbRNY
Varactor Diode https://youtu.be/8gCSohgq1GI
Schottky Diode https://youtu.be/952IhQalOiM

Unit 3: Bipolar Junction Transistor
Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) - Introduction & Construction https://youtu.be/iDAoeEjItbI
Operation Of Transistor (BJT) https://youtu.be/2I6qPE_Taq0
Transistor Biasing and Modes of operation https://youtu.be/UFJqvt1LZKU
Transistor Circuit Configurations and Input / Output Characteristics https://youtu.be/RjbiPC3NMVg
Load Line and Quiescent Point https://youtu.be/bXT7c5P9WdA
Transistor Load Line and Quiescent Point ( Numericals) https://youtu.be/w2mZ0kW0G2Y
Leakage Current In Transistor (BJT) https://youtu.be/p3oiiZQSj7g
Eber's Moll Model https://youtu.be/KeorTJGunlU
Base Width Modulation or Early Effect in Transistor https://youtu.be/rf2f-n3C7t4

Unit 4
Common Base(CB) Configuration of Transistor https://youtu.be/o8KpBvEVm7w
Common Base Input Output Characteristics https://youtu.be/dn488FW5apc
h-Parameters and Hybrid Model https://youtu.be/e77vGIF_dOQ
Transistor Hybrid Model https://youtu.be/uoJjwc7D20g
Field Effect Transistor - Introduction https://youtu.be/08uk8ICcb6g
Junction Field Effect Transistor – JFET https://youtu.be/LQmxtJgYkgI
Fundamentals of Digital electronics https://youtu.be/Ip-BQXk3ysw
Decimal Number System https://youtu.be/-_bz7ufmt50
Binary Number System II Binary to Decimal II Binary fraction https://youtu.be/Lmed-KKEuXs
Binary Number System - Decimal to Binary https://youtu.be/Lenz1Ej_uHg
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