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This is the last topic of "Animals and Human Language."
Many scientist performed experiment on chimpanzees and tried to teach them to use language either sign or spoken language

Among these chimpanzees, following are the most famous for their ability to use language.

1. Washoe:
A chimpanzee grew up by a scientist couple (Beatrix and Allen Gardner). They used sign language to teach her. After 3 and a half year, Washoe was able to use signs for more than 100 hundred words including airplane, baby, banana, woman, window and you. Same ability was also reported to be achieved by a gorilla named "Koko" by Francine Patterson.

2. Kanzi:
In recent studies an interesting development relevant to this controversy came.
Sue-Savage-Rumbaugh while training a bonobo called Matata who was always with her adopted son Kanzi .
Instead of Matata Kanzi started using symbols with great ease.
He learnt only by being exposed to these symbols. He developed large symbol vocabulary of 250 words
By the age of 8, he was reported to use symbols to understand spoken words at a level comparable to 2 and a half year child.
It is also reported that he produced gentle noise and asked for his favourite films by using symbols.

After this, up to this level linguists agree that if "using language" means a mode of communication then like a human child we see interacting with a care giver, chimpanzee who were brought up by humans also do the same.

But we watch a child who is just 3 to 4 years old, "using language," produce complex structure, extended discourse, making infinite sentences with a set of computational process. This ability is uniquely and solely belongs to human beings only.

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