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KIESELGUHR - Mastering the pronunciation of Kieselguhr in 2023

Kieselguhr, also known as diatomaceous earth or DE, is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is composed of the fossils of microscopic aquatic organisms called diatoms.
It has a soft, powdery texture and is primarily made up of silica.
Kieselguhr is widely used in various industries, including filtration, agriculture, cosmetics, and construction.
It has excellent absorbent and abrasive properties, making it useful for filtering liquids, controlling pests, improving soil quality, and as an ingredient in skincare products.
Kieselguhr is also a key component in the production of dynamite and other explosives.

To pronounce Kieselguhr, you can say kee-zuhl-gur.
Another variant is kee-zuhl-gerr.

Test yourself by speaking the following examples:
1. The winery uses kieselguhr as a filtration agent to clarify their wines
2. Farmers sprinkle diatomaceous earth on their crops to protect them from harmful insects
3. My face mask contains kieselguhr to exfoliate and purify my skin

Last updated: September, 2023
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