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God of War - Helheim All Collectible Locations (Ravens, Chests, Artefacts, Shrines) - 100% Video

God of War 2018 has 332 Collectibles - 51 Odin's Ravens, 45 Artefacts, 21 Nornir Chests (Health / Rage Upgrades), 34 Legendary Chests (Runes), 15 Favours, 11 Jotnar Shrines, 9 Valkyries, 3 Dragons, 39 Lore Markers, 38 Mystic Gateways (Fast Travel Portals), 16 Shops, 18 Realm Tear Encounters, 7 Hidden Chambers, 13 Purple Language Cipher Chests (unlocks Mespelheim / Niflheim), 12 Treasure Maps (covered in separate guide).

Finding all collectible locations unlocks the following 13 trophies:
Beneath the Surface [Bronze]
Death Happened Here [Bronze]
Trilingual [Bronze]
Idunn's Orchard [Silver]
Quick Tempered [Silver]
Dangerous Skies [Silver]
Like Oil and Water [Gold]
Curator [Silver]
Allfather Blinded [Silver]
Unfinished Business [Silver]
Treasuer Hunter [Silver]
The Truth [Silver]
Chooser of the Slain [Gold]

God of War 2018 Collectible Guide Playlist:

Full Overview & Text Guides:

Nothing is missable! You can collect everything after the story in free-roam.
This all-in-one guide shows all collectibles per region. There's a collectible tracker on the map for each region (but shrines/language ciphers/treasure maps aren't tracked). By following this walkthrough you'll get 100% game completion and all collectible trophies.

This guide assumes that you have already beaten the story. It's recommended that you collect everything after the story in free-roam because some collectibles require skills that are unlocked later in the game. In many areas it's impossible to get all collectibles on the first visit. There are a few areas you can't go back to but none of them have collectibles. Note: there are more purple language cipher chests than you need (only 8 required to unlock Muspelheim / Niflheim, after the 8th they just give you upgrade materials, so it doesn't matter if you don't pick one up).


#1 - Artefact 1/5 - 0:00
#2 - Legendary Chest 1/3 - 0:34
#3 - Raven 1/6 - 0:56
#4 - Legendary Chest 2/3 - 1:08
#5 - Raven 2/6 - 3:39
#6 - Legendary Chest 3/3 -4:36
#7 - Artefact 2/5 - 5:00
#8 - Raven 3/6 - 5:34
#9 - Raven 4/6 - 5:53
#10 - Artefact 3/5 - 6:11
#11 - Hidden Chamber 1/1 - 6:39
#12 - Artefact 4/5 - 7:30
#13 - Raven 5/6 - 7:39
#14 - Mystic Gateway 1/1 - 7:50
#15 - Raven 6/6 - 8:22
#16 - Artefact 5/5 - 8:34
#17 - Valkyrie 1/1 - 8:50

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