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Phonetics | Phonology | Morphology | Syntax | Semantics | Pragmatics Video

Phonology, Morphology,Morpheme, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics

Lexical words ,functional words

Figure of speech ( Figure of speech - Alliteration | Metaphor | Similes | Personification | Apostrophe): https://youtu.be/jyZdy5wQXYA

Parts of speech - Noun,Pronoun,verb,Adjective,Adverb,prepostition,conjunction and interjection : https://youtu.be/EVxM6rlmxJU

Noun and its types (common mistakes) : https://youtu.be/X0rDVLbPlCQ

Pronoun and its types (common mistakes ) : https://youtu.be/186uiIzPSbE

Verb and its types : https://youtu.be/WeiHFv66fro

Adjectives and its types : https://youtu.be/yqw4quOr1YY

Phonetics | Phonology | Morphology | Syntax | Semantics | Pragmatics- https://youtu.be/_G9pwdwOCjE

Idioms and its meaning - https://youtu.be/o8qlkBVvRBY

Figure of speech - https://youtu.be/jyZdy5wQXYA

Reading comprehension (unseen passage) -https://youtu.be/PTUwQDR4Mhc

Phrases and clauses : https://youtu.be/nv1kUn9z6cE

Simple ,compound and complex sentences - https://youtu.be/WW3HXqYVZBc

Homonyms | Polysemy | Homophone | Homograph-https://youtu.be/v5lsu4FZinw

English Pedagogy and its nature - https://youtu.be/HpWodGvfwT0

Psychologist’s Important theories - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdzEPw3oylzNH8kJ63eql22ShotKi-HW

CTET Previous years questions - https://youtu.be/E_XV29R4mNo

Concept of Development - https://youtu.be/yhkhONMoFNk

Principle of development - https://youtu.be/8zEluMAtZ04

Science Food and its components - https://youtu.be/X8ZMTaxnGzw

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs -

Inclusive Education (very important) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdzEPw3oylzcxA8u-Xh9XcVCSjZp_myw

Teaching aptitude questions answer - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdzEPw3oylwQM2AaHyFT9HlK-MSWyA_2

CCE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tgvssb0_Ow&list=PLmdzEPw3oylxejkpljarLglFZIlD_Uh4I

NCF 2005 - https://youtu.be/B1AVyt0vPX0

Important method of problem solving methods - https://youtu.be/CDBJsdxXlBo
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About the Site 🌐

This site provides links to random videos hosted at YouTube, with the emphasis on random. 🎥

Origins of the Idea 🌱

The original idea for this site stemmed from the need to benchmark the popularity of a video against the general population of YouTube videos. 🧠

Challenges Faced 🤔

Obtaining a large sample of videos was crucial for accurate ranking, but YouTube lacks a direct method to gather random video IDs.

Even searching for random strings on YouTube doesn't yield truly random results, complicating the process further. 🔍

Creating Truly Random Links 🛠️

The YouTube API offers additional functions enabling the discovery of more random videos. Through inventive techniques and a touch of space-time manipulation, we've achieved a process yielding nearly 100% random links to YouTube videos.

About YouTube 📺

YouTube, an American video-sharing website based in San Bruno, California, offers a diverse range of user-generated and corporate media content. 🌟

Content and Users 🎵

Users can upload, view, rate, share, and comment on videos, with content spanning video clips, music videos, live streams, and more.

While most content is uploaded by individuals, media corporations like CBS and the BBC also contribute. Unregistered users can watch videos, while registered users enjoy additional privileges such as uploading unlimited videos and adding comments.

Monetization and Impact 🤑

YouTube and creators earn revenue through Google AdSense, with most videos free to view. Premium channels and subscription services like YouTube Music and YouTube Premium offer ad-free streaming.

As of February 2017, over 400 hours of content were uploaded to YouTube every minute, with the site ranking as the second-most popular globally. By May 2019, this figure exceeded 500 hours per minute. 📈

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