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Herb and Garlic Sourdough Flatbread | NO WAIT SOURDOUGH RECIPES | Long Fermented Sourdough Recipes Video

This easy sourdough flatbread recipe is made with only a few simple ingredients. It is a no wait recipe that can be made with fed sourdough starter instantly. Perfect for my non-preplanning self!


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When I first started my sourdough starter back in 2010, I was super excited to start making sourdough bread. Who wouldn't be?! It makes the grains more gut healthy, and fermenting creates a depth of flavor that you just can't find in store bought packages. The process of slow fermenting with the native yeasts just has an artisanal flavor that you can't buy. Unless, of course, you live in a super cool area where people are selling homemade sourdough bread!

If you are a real-food foodie like myself, you probably know that sourdough bread takes a lot of pre-planning. Do you want to have fresh-from-the-oven homemade bread this Saturday? Well, I hope you started thinking about that desire on Thursday!

Me, personally? I'm not much of a planner. I love sourdough bread as much as the next traditional foods gal, but guess how often we actually have it??

It wasn't long into my sourdough journey that I discovered there is such thing as no-wait sourdough recipes. As long as you have enough starter to pull from, you can instantly have long fermented grains in the form of sourdough pancakes, the sourdough skillet dinner, sourdough pizza crust and of course this sourdough flatbread! Hallelujah.

What is long-fermented sourdough?
Have you ever heard of phytic acid? Basically, its an antinutrient found in grains, beans and nuts that interferes with the absorption of certain nutrients. They are present on grains to keep them from spoiling.

There is a reason they are there, but there is also good evidence that our bodies weren’t meant to handle them.   Proper preparation of grains eliminates most, if not all, of the phytic acid in offending foods.

This is the very reason traditional cultures soaked and fermented their grains, seeds and beans.  These days we’ve lost that art.  And, what have we found?  People can’t handle grains anymore.

Long fermented sourdough is a process of giving grains time to ferment and sour. This helps to remove the antinutrients. Also, a healthy starter is comprised of native yeasts so long fermentation gives the baked good a chance to rise, without adding any additional yeast. No little packet of instant yeast needed!

Most recipes on the internet claim to be "sourdough" but actually only call for a cup or two of fresh starter and then make up the rest of the recipe with flour. If the gut healthy benefits come from long fermenting grains, this doesn't do you any good. Sure, a tiny portion of the recipe is made up of fermented grains (the sourdough starter) but the majority is just milled wheat (the flour) that has had zero time to ferment and sour.

What is a no wait sourdough recipe?
As long as you are keeping and maintaining a good sized bowl of sourdough starter, you can make a long fermented recipe, instantly?

How the heck is that even possible?

Well, when you put your starter back in the fridge you first fed it with a little flour and water. Then you allowed it to sit and out get bubbly all night (or day) long. What you have in that bowl is ground grains teaming with beneficial bacteria. Long fermented and fully soured!
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