Will Forte | 7 Minutes in Heaven

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Will Forte | 7 Minutes in Heaven

Mike O'Brien hosts comedian and actor, Will Forte, in his closet for impressions, poetry, and a gift exchange.

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Cast & Credits
7 Minutes in Heaven
Host Mike O'Brien invites celebrities into his closet for an intimate conversation.

Producer: Two Trick Pony
Production Coordinator: Jennifer McLaughlin
DP: Justin Potter
AC: Rob Kaneshi
Gaffer: Zephyr Muntari
Audio: Robben Fenderson
HMU: Amanda Nilo

Editor: Two Trick Pony

Producer - Erin Doyle
Above Average Producer: Caroline Chewning
Above Average Producer: Brendan McMorrow
Special Thanks to Corinne Brinkerhoff & Ryan Spears

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