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Yardbirds Concert Poster 1967 + Captain Beefheart, Moby Grape & Iron Butterfly

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http://www.postercentral.com An original psychedelic 1960s Yardbirds show poster from the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

This is a Jim Salzer Presents concert poster, from the '60s promoter who usually worked one to two hours north of the city, in Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara, CA.

This Yardbirds concert placard features a colorful psychedelic design by poster artist Richard Tolmach, who did several concert posters for Salzer back in the day.

Tolmach used all the basics - yellows, reds, greens and blues -- to drive the message home and compel customers to buy tickets.

This Yardbirds in-person poster was printed on paper, not cardboard, just like all other Salzer concert posters.

It has been heavily reprinted through the years, but in this video I tell you how to tell the originals from the repro's.

This is probably the "busiest" Yardbirds concert advertisement I've ever seen, chock full of psychedelic artwork, dizzying colors, band members' faces and four opening acts.

Those under-billed bands were, in the order listed, Moby Grape, Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, Iron Butterfly and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

Unlike many other Salzer posters from the era, this Yardbirds broadside doesn't mention a light show, so perhaps this show didn't have one.

That may have to do with the fact that this was truly an out-of-town show for promoter Salzer, and perhaps he didn't have connections with anyone in the L.A. area. This was still an innocent age.

Probably the most striking thing about this Yardbirds poster board (actually, made of paper) is the hand-drawn renditions of the faces of Jimmy Page, Keith Relf, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty.

They almost look like paint-by-numbers, in a way. Very much line sketches in the facial area, with Relf heavily colored yellow.

Notice the dark lines extending down from the four heads, through the blue area. If those lines continue down into the green color (not the red lettering), then you have an original printing of this Yardbirds window poster.

If, however, the green color behind the red lettering ("Captain" and "Moby") is solid green with no extended lines there, then it's the repro.

The yellow stripe along the bottom of Salzer's Yardbirds show placard gives the hard details: $3, $4, $5, Concert 8 P.M., Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

Then in tiny print at the bottom of that yellow area you have "Maron Litho Inc., Oxnard, Calif." on the originals. All after-prints / merch copies of this poster have nothing there at all (no printer's credit).

Some collectors would prefer a Yardbirds boxing-style concert poster over a paper psychedelic one like this, but the goods news is, several vintage examples exist of both, so they can make their choice.

But once Led Zeppelin came on the scene about 18 months later, the majority of their concert posters wer...

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