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Anime vs. Reality: Initial D in Real Life! Riding With Japanese Street Racers

Drift Hunter Nights Night Part 2

********** MESSAGE TO NEW VIEWERS **********
If this is your first video on my channel, then I want to thank you for clicking this video and giving my channel a chance.

If you're confused about what this channel is about, essentially I'm making a documentary series about the real life equivalent of Initial D; real street racing and drifting in and around Gunma, Japan. Here`s the first ep:

My goal is to make this the most LEGIT car channel on YouTube! Please check out my other videos and decide if my channel is worth subscribing to.

********** ABOUT DRIFT HUNTER NIGHTS **********
This video is an episode of Drift Hunter Nights, which is a spin-off series to the main documentary, where I take you with me on nights out filming. It's kind of like a vlog-u-mentary.

Hey, Drifthunters, Albo here.
Okay wow that was a big episode. Make sure to watch Part 1 if you havent yet. This is the article that the video was about:

It took me a long time to shoot and edit this so I hope you enjoyed it and got value from the Q&A. I polled a group on Facebook called Initial D - Hell for the questions. You should join if you like car memes

********** PLEASE VISIT MY PATREON PAGE **********

Guys, I've decided that I'm going to take a more direct and honest approach with you, my viewers. And part of that real talk has to do with something most Youtubers are not that willing to talk about - money.

The thing with Youtube ad-revenue is that it's a complete joke, and the only way smaller channels can earn an income worth the time spent is with lots of low quality content, or sponsored content. I dont wanna play that game. I want to make the best videos possible for you, my viewers, but making good videos takes a ton of time, effort and money.

Thus, I recently started a Patreon to help with the costs of producing these videos. There's tons of costs like: monthly music licensing subscription costs, Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription, web hosting, as well as gas for travelling and the cost of my time (hundreds of hours scripting, shooting, editing).

A lot of my fellow YouTuber friends are using Patreon so that their audience can support them directly. If you feel that my content is worth it then please have a look at my Patreon page and help me grow Drift Hunter. Let's make awesome vids together:

********** HEY NICE SHIRT, WHERE CAN I GET ONE? **********
Said, like 5 people to me so far. Actually, the shirt I'm wearing in the video (as well as the two hats..can you spot them?) are not one-off items. I actually sell stuff on my online store here:

The quality is quite nice (especially the hats - highly recommended).

********** MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO **********

In the video, I talked briefly about The JET Programme. Maybe I sold you on the idea of living and working in Japan as an English teacher. It`s not for everyone but it was some of the best 5 years of my life.
Also, I made videos about The JET Programme before and have put them into a playlist here:

JET accepts applicants from 40 different countries. Check if yours is listed here:

You can check out info about the Japan Rail Pass at this link:

I also mentioned an E-book that I co-wrote. You can get it for free by going to my other site and signing up for the mailing list. You'll get it absolutely free of charge.

********** WHERE TO FOLLOW FOR UPDATES **********
As you guys may have figured out by now, I'm pretty bad with new videos every week. It takes a massive amount of time and effort to put out these videos to my standard. However, I'm pretty active on Instagram and Twitter so please follow me there:

You can also check out the website, which I spent dozens of hours working on, yet is admittedly a bit sparse on content right now, haha.

********** THANKS FOR WATCHING **********
Okay, that's it! A huge thank you for watching and supporting my channel. You guys rock and I really appreciate your comments.

Here's a prize for reading everything, a wallpaper:

And hey, I have a special request. Please comment to let me know this:

Did this video live up to your expectations from looking at the thumbnail and title? Make sure to add the secret fruit to your comment:)

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