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Korea's most skilled seductress faces her biggest challenge yet | 'A Celebrated Gisaeng'


this guy's a tough nut 2 crack (be warned: this movie is very very R-rated y’all)
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About 'A Celebrated Gisaeng’
The Korean equivalent of Geisha, Gisaeng were an elite class of courtesan of utmost sophistication during the Joseon dynasty. Yet even among such venerated company, Ae-rang stands a step above the rest. A woman of stunning beauty and cunning intellect, Ae-rang is capable of bringing any man to his knees with a flick of her wrist or a blink of her eyes. The arrival of an impenetrable man, however, will test the limits of Ae-rang’s charms as she sets to win a bet, and have him begging for more.


Kang Hyun

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'A Celebrated Gisaeng | AsianCrush


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