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Improvement MAP || Completed


I hosted this MAP on my backup channel and I'm soooo proud of how it came out!!! Almost everyone got their part in on the deadline and every single person did an amazing job!!! Everyone has come so far, it's crazy for me to have grown with the community and see everyone improve and change and find theirself in the art world.

Individual credits pictures: http://sta.sh/21yznf9zrdsh?edit=1
Initially the only people who knew I posted the map were people who were following me on twitter, since pretty much nobody knows about my second account (I mostly just use it for unlisted patreon videos) and a few other people found the map as parts came out and got in through being backups. I decided to draw everyone for two reaslns. First being because almost everyone in this MAP is someone I consider a wonderful friend or theyre someone who I haven't really talked to much but from what I do know they inspire me and they're lovely. I wanted to make gifts for them all because ilysm.
Second reason being to try and make the MAP feel more personal and remind everyone watching that theres someone behind the screen busting their ass to make videos and they're people who have their own struggles and insecurities and successes and pride in their art just like everyone else in the community.

Now Roxanne is my only MAP left that I'm hosting! ........For the next couple weeks. I've had one planned for a year now, it'll drop in december so keep an eye out ;ooo

Other places to find me:

Patreon: GinjaNinjaOwO https://www.patreon.com/GinjaNinjaOwO?ty=h (I post here every day ;3ccc)
Deviantart: Skittystrawberries skittystrawberries.deviantart.com
Twitter: Reakagamine https://twitter.com/ReaKagamine
Tumblr: http://human-warriorcats.tumblr.com/
Instagram: Reakagamine https://www.instagram.com/reakagamine/
Redbubble: GinjaNinjaOwO http://www.redbubble.com/people/ginjaninjaowo?asc=u

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