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Unan ki Danki | Albania se Unaan ki danki | Albania se unan jane ka rasta - Tas Qureshi Urdu vlog


Unan ki Danki | Albania se Unaan ki danki | Albania se unan jane ka rasta - Tas Qureshi Urdu vlog #UnanKiDanki#TurkeySeUnanKiDanki#TasQureshi
یونان جانے کا راستہ
About this video:
This video is made for the sake of awareness for those who want to go to Europe illegally. I m against the Human trafficking and I play the roll to stop human trafficking through my videos.
illegal illegaly crossing border in boat, Turkey to unan Boarder Crossing 2017 - Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi. Crossing unan border in boat.
What is illegal illegally going to Europe, Greece, Turkey City Denizli. Pakistani Boy. unan danki. unan border crossing in boat. unan ka rasta. turkey se unan turkey se italy. illegal immigrants. illegal immigrants in greece. unan ki halt. turkey to greece. pakistan to unan by road. Pakistan to turkey via Iran ki dastaan!!!! Europe jany walo sun lo. Dunky ki asliat. European nationDeath and life Refugees stuck on TURKEY IRAN border Greece. unan.
Migrants Stranded on Kos: Europe or Die reality.
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Hi Guys. I am Tas Qureshi. I am a traveler, blogger, writer, Visa and real estate Advisor, Graphics Designer and Crypto trader. Welcome to my channel friends. This channel consists of different videos for you regarding Student Visa, Work Permit, Residence Permits, Immigration, and Tourist Visa etc (for Turkey Turkish visa, Europe, Shengen visa, Unan mei Shadi, Portugal, Germany, America, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand). These all videos are a guide for you before you apply for a visa of a certain country. Please do note the videos are just for your information I make these kinds of videos for the sake of awareness because many Pakistani Indian Afghani people unan ki danki laga k marty hein unko pata b hei k unan ki danki aik mout hei. aur kuch log Turkey se unan ka border samandar se cross kerty hoye Arrest ho jaty hein ya mar jaty hein. aur kuch bhai Pakistan se unan by road jaty hein aur rasty mei agwa hojaty hein. So note my videos are not for the business purpose. This information helps you in your life for becoming successful and achieving your goals. I am against the human-trafficking and I try to play the role through my videos.

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