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Comparison. Lesson 7. Large and small, similar and different. Educational video for children.


Learning to Compare - an effective learning video for young children, in which they learn how to compare different objects easily and quickly, without additional efforts on your part.

In Russian: https://youtu.be/E6XRDK3LQ08

In this lesson, your child will learn how the object can be different sizes (large, medium, small) and will learn how to compare the objects (large, smaller, even smaller, and the smallest; as well as small, larger, even larger, and the largest). Also, your child will learn how objects can be the same, similar, or different.

Just like in previous videos, children do not need to constantly look at the screen - it is sufficient that they do their own thing and occasionally glance at the screen. Multiple repetitions ensure that the child will effortlessly learn the object comparison. You also do not need to make any additional effort - simply turn on the video, when the child is playing in the same room, and the child will learn these concepts without any effort on your part.

The video is accompanied by beautiful classical music, which also contributes to the musical development of the child as well as the child’s intellect.

Our videos:

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Making geometric shapes from poms and beads, painting those shapes, and finding them in pictures.

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