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1000 Degree Drill Breaking into Cop Car Ford Crown Victoria police

Breaking Into the Police Car looking For Guns! Round 3
In this series With your help I will break into police cars and look for goodies, guns, drugs and lots more!

I built my own personal fully functional police car with an AR 15
by crown rick auto and drama task force take a close look at our movie cop car
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71 DIY Cop car!
Here is the link to shield test video!
Intro Music: California Dreamin trap nation remix
Searching Police Car Found Meth!
Seraching Police Car Found Taser X26!
The USS Crown Rick!

Send me stuff! Crown Rick Auto 7916 Amador ave
Sacramento, CA 95826

Buy my items on Ebay! Seller ID: crownrickauto
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Congrats all handcuff winners! Want to be in the next contest? Share this video and comment handcuffs! 12 Random winners will be picked for next giveaway!

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