Catherina McKiernan talks about the health supplements that are essential for her

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Our brand ambassador Catherina McKiernan​ is still the Irish Marathon Women's record holder.

Her record time of 2.22.23 was set in Amsterdam in 1998, an astonishing 21 years ago! To this day, nobody's beat her 🏃

Since her retirement from competitive running, Catherina is a running trainer and a sought after public speaker. She is a big advocate for physical fitness, and healthy nutrition - for everyone, even those of us that are not elite athletes!

Catherina enjoys the daily benefits of our Health Essentials Guaranteed Irish products. A scoop of #HeartEssentials before a run boosts her circulation and energy levels, and following a run - #JointEssentials enables her recovery - supporting supple joints and strong bones.

As Catherina says - all runners need this! You can learn more about our products here -

And avail of a 10% discount when using the code catherina10 on our website 😄

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