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Simple Mechanical Engineering Project "Multipurpose Sprinkler Machine " by Akash Gaikwad Patil


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A mechanical Project named as MULTIPURPOSE SPRINKLER MACHINE
In our country most of the people are doing farming. For spraying pesticides on the crops we are using traditional method that is KNAPSACK SPRAYER.
In this traditional methods a farmer used to bring KNAPSACK SPRAYER on his back , because of weight of the sprayer farmers will suffer from fatigue problems , back pain , shoulder pain etc.
To overcome this type of problems we had made an easy method of spraying pesticides by simply using hand trolley.

So, MULTI PURPOSE SPRAYING MACHINE is the advance method of spraying pesticides . The component used in that machine and mechanism is KNAPSACK sprayer , Nozzles , Hollow metal rods , Tyres , Connecting rods .
By using this method we can spray in maximum quantity in minimum time and less fatigue and stress .

In order to meet the food requirements of the growing population and rapid industrialization , modernization of agriculture is inescapable . Mechanization unable the conservation of inputs through precision in metering ensuring better distribution reducing quantity needed for better for better response and prevention of losses and losses of wastage of inputs applied . New mechanization of knapsack sprayer will reduces the manpower and production through higher productivity .
Farmers are using some methods and equipment from many years . In our country farming is done by traditional way . In this method he used to bring a knapsack sprayer on his back .
Because of weight of sprayer farmer will suffer from many problems like back pain fatigue problems . so to overcome this problems we introduced this machine which will be beneficial to the for the spraying pesticides in the farm .

We develop a machine for farmers for spraying the pesticides on crops by this machine . The knapsack sprayer is placed on the chassis and the nozzles are placed on front side of chassis .
By simply just pushing trolley we can spray pesticides . The rotary motion of the tyre is converted into the reciprocating motion for pumping the pesticides and this pressurized pesticide is then sprayed out by four nozzles .
All the components are removable when this are not in used . We can used the chassis simply as load carrying hand trolley because this is known as Multipurpose Sprinkler Machine .

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