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11.2 Minutes of Beijing Traffic, Pedestrians, Bicycles (1) - Beijing, China . 2005 ( 北京交通 )

The other day I was cleaning out my closet and came across a CD that had videos from years ago that I didn't know I was missing. On it was a series of clips (my camera back then could only take three minute clips at a time) taken in 2005 of non-rush hour traffic from when I lived in Beijing, People's Republic of China (a place that will always be my second home). Traffic back then wasn't as bad as it is now, but it was always something to experience once in your life (especially on bicycle). Look for a big bottleneck beginning at 6:40 !

Pictured is the intersection of Fangzhuang & Qunxing Roads in Beijing's Fengtai District. There is a traffic light here (older style, has been replaced since). I apologize for the skips in the video, especially right at the beginning... I was taking out some unneeded commentary.

(in 2005 there were still only two subway lines, so you see many busses... the same is still pretty true today)

Please enjoy!

Beijing, China

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