Messing With Hunters, Trespassers, Poachers! Burn Baby Burn! DIY Fire & Ozzy !

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How to keep unwanted hunters, poachers and trespassers off of your property and farm land! Trespassers, poachers and hunters have been a problem on my 100+ acre farm. Sport hunting and urban hunting are fine as long as its on Public hunting lands. Noise and fire are the best ways to chase unwanted hunters off. I am not against hunting as long as its not on my property. I could write a book about the problems caused by allowing hunters onto your property. Ohio Department Of Natural Resources Division Of Wildlife created and enforces hunting and trapping regulations. Very few hunters follow these regulations as I learned. Whenever I noticed violations of these regulations I would either warn the hunters or tell them not to return. After my dog was shot by an arrow I finally had enough and no longer allow any hunting on any of my property. The properties surrounding my property don't allow hunting and most of the land near mine is vacant. I own over 100 acres and my land goes back a half mile. This is a very remote area with no nearby homes other than mine. The music for this video came from my 76 Gibson Explorer guitar. I got shocked a couple times while playing guitar in the back of my truck when I touched the metal of the truck and the guitar strings at the same time. That makes it hard to concentrate, believe me! I only play guitar for the fun of it. If you don't like this type of music, skip to 3:24 and 6:43 for the fire scene! My dog passed away on Thanksgiving morning of cancer at age 13. Best friend ever! Filmed November 18, 2016. Notice this is in the category of Comedy and not People And Blogs. This is for entertainment only and no laws were broke to make this video. Remember folks, not everything you see on the internet is real! Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and make sure you subscribe to JAWTOOTH for more weirdness!!

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