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Question 1: What color are Granny Smith apples?
Answer a: Green
Answer b: Pink
Answer c: Yellow
Answer d: Red

Question 2: Home to a horse race and UPS, what US city is also famous for its baseball bats, bourbon, disco balls and tobacco?
Answer a: Raleigh, North Carolina
Answer b: Cooperstown, New York
Answer c: Louisville, Kentucky
Answer d: Memphis, Tennessee

Question 3: What Spanish soup was once made by leaving it covered with a wet cloth in the sun?
Answer a: Chowder
Answer b: Minestrone
Answer c: Gazpacho
Answer d: Gumbo

Question 4: What is the nickname of the French national soccer team?
Answer a: The French Kissers
Answer b: Azzurri
Answer c: Les Bleus
Answer d: Socceroos

Question 5: Parts of the movie "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" were shot in what African country?
Answer a: Poland
Answer b: Denmark
Answer c: Jamaica
Answer d: Kenya

Question 6: In golf, what is the term given to the score expected of an accomplished player?
Answer a: Hole
Answer b: Aim
Answer c: Minimum
Answer d: Par

Question 7: Who was Abraham Lincoln?
Answer a: An English 19th century Romantic poet
Answer b: A British 16th century scientist and politician
Answer c: The U.S. President during World War II
Answer d: A U.S. president who won the Civil War and abolished slavery

Question 8: Who replaced Pete Best as the drummer in the Beatles?
Answer a: George Harrison
Answer b: Paul McCartney
Answer c: John Lennon
Answer d: Ringo Starr

Question 9: Martin Luther King donated his Nobel Prize money to which cause?
Answer a: Civil Rights
Answer b: Animal Rights
Answer c: Medical Research
Answer d: Famine Relief

Question 10: What is the word meaning someone who is wakeful and alert?
Answer a: Assured
Answer b: Epileptic
Answer c: Coma
Answer d: Conscious

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