13 Weird Drawing Tricks For Boring Days

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DRAWING TRICKS for everyday
Drawing and painting are very good for kids. These easy activities are good for getting rid of stress, brain development, and developing fine motor skills. You can repeat our amazing painting, drawing, and decorating hacks, and tell us, which life hack you like most of all.

You can draw amazing pictures using your hands...as stencils! You can use your imagination and draw a cute octopus, a fluffy bunny, a curious parrot, a lovely girl, a barking dog, a chubby cat, a jolly pirate, and what not!

Another cool idea is learning how to draw hands using rubber gloves. Using this trick, you can make very realistic drawings. Memorize this technique and draw like a pro.
Do you like to draw? What materials do you use for this?
So you have an idea for a picture in the forefront of your mind. You get put your box of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. With the picture still clear in your mind, you sharpen each and every pencil and put a sheet of white paper on the table, ready to get creative. So what would you expect to happen next?

Drawing is not only for the professional artists. It's for every person who has an art lover deep down in his soul. And with these amazing hacks you can express yourself easily. Don't be shy give it a try!

These tricks will also come in handy if you want to teach your kids or younger siblings how to draw!

If you've been struggling with painting or just want to use drawing for your kids development and entertainment, these amazing tricks are just for you!

• Paper
• Pencils
• Markers

00:10 How to draw easy art
02:24 Drawing tips for kids
05:03 Draw to relax
06:50 Stunning patterns
10:02 Funny 3D drawing

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