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6 Self-Love Tips for Content Creators

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Having great self-care strategies and loving yourself is so important for content creators. We spend so much of our energy creating and giving to others, but if our own mental or physical health declines our content takes a huge hit. This is why staying in alignment is so important. So how do you love yourself?

1. Sleep: establish nighttime and morning routines
2. Disconnect: take a social media detox
3. Exercise: 30 minutes is 2% of your day
4. Be social: to have more stories to bring back to your community
5. Do something just to have fun: don't lose your passion
6. Meditate: my number ONE tip!



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My name is Ashnichrist. I livestreamed on Twitch for 5 years and was full-time for 6 months, then I jumped into YouTube in September 2017. My content centers around helping streamers learn the knowledge that I spent thousands of hours accumulating, as well as entrepreneurship and lifestyle. I live in Austin TX!



Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashnichrist
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashnichrist
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashnichrist

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