Do you prefer Koa or Spruce Top Ukuleles - A look at Kamaka Deluxe Ukes

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Have you ever debated whether your next Ukulele should be a Spruce top or a Koa top? I mean sure, we all love how Koa looks but in a world where more and more professional players are turning to Spruce tops; is it time that the Hawaiian builders follow suit? Well the answer is that they already have and today we take Kamaka's ever popular and iconic HF-3D Koa Deluxe Tenor and compare it to the same instrument made and completed the same day but with a Spruce top! For fun, we also include the HF-4 baritone and the HF-4D because Baritones don't get nearly enough love.

Kamaka HF-3D -

Kamaka HF-3DS -

Kamaka HF-4 -

Kamaka HF-4DS -

I hope this video helps you answer some questions you may have had about which high end Ukulele is right for you and please do comment if you want to see any other comparisons like this in the future. If I can make it happen, I most certainly will.

#kamaka #hawaiiankoa #deluxe #koavsspruce

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