Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-4 Angry Birds Seasons - level 4 Walkthrough 3 Stars (HD)

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all Abra-Ca-Bacon level!

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Abra-Ca-Bacon Playlist:
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-1: http://youtu.be/XZuyzVe7L7E
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-2: http://youtu.be/zXjyjGY3REg
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-3: http://youtu.be/xBkW9W3bdRg
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-4: http://youtu.be/lRW_2fm99tY
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-5: http://youtu.be/8ZCxpMROZW4
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-6: http://youtu.be/lKKofd-TALo
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-7: http://youtu.be/ga-eHR1GVyA
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-8: http://youtu.be/PrLRc-68xY4
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-9: http://youtu.be/9UXLVl4I1Rk
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-10: http://youtu.be/_c3mlwLvR78
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-11: http://youtu.be/tBZAXOgTnNo
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-12: http://youtu.be/-aYrc7ng3Gs
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-13: http://youtu.be/hpuTwiv0iYI
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-14: http://youtu.be/leZOPWLB7Aw
Abra-Ca-Bacon 1-15: http://youtu.be/5sOrW1xIR10

Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-1: http://youtu.be/fh_hpiR2NeQ
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-2: http://youtu.be/39DL2Uk_vtI
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-3: http://youtu.be/d-e3PVv2zqg
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-4: http://youtu.be/1QYiizyDqUE
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-5: http://youtu.be/JqSLNakAtqo
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-6: http://youtu.be/Q0nlCOHRDdQ
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-7: http://youtu.be/x6nL8RfWrHA
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-8: http://youtu.be/Ge1HAJ3es7s
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-9: http://youtu.be/mghYwT9rrzw
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-10: http://youtu.be/UxUqV4R1KOM
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-11: http://youtu.be/RnLQPFZn_Uc
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-12: http://youtu.be/bfeGyJwOf4s
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-13: http://youtu.be/3B7jW4itQXQ
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-14: http://youtu.be/Fr-bmJSK7x0
Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-15: http://youtu.be/rE-bcrWnDr0

bonus level:
level 1: http://youtu.be/mP3Q2JP7SiE
level 2: http://youtu.be/rx9rwcJGDDk
level 3: http://youtu.be/rjeawIIJiqc

3-Star Bonus Level: http://youtu.be/cRI4eyVrvsc

HEEY!! This is the new Angry Birds Seasons Update!!:)
Magic Levels everywhere!!
All Walkthroughs for this update here, just check the links!
i hope this helps you, if it does, be sure to subscribe for more!

also feel free to ask and post your SCORE!!!:)


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