Himalaya {{Dangerous Driving on Mountain Edge}}

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Himalaya {{Dangerous Driving on mountain edge}}

This was during my last trip to India. the driver was used to it. he was eating and talking non stop during driving while we were sacred as shit !
I am Indian born, Hindi vlogger, world traveler, educator and motivator. Travelled USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many more countries. As Hindi Indian Youtuber, I would like to help all people as much as I can. My aim is to educate & motivate people through this channel. India Wilds films is for travelling videos of Indian villages, World Street foods. USA, Canada immigration tips, Job search Tips. I have videos about how to get a job in Canada and USA and tips for new immigrant. If you have any questions, ask me in comments, I reply all the comments. My videos are in Hindi, Gujarati, English and French. I upload almost every day.

Check out my website http://www.Indiawildfilms.com

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