Florida's Unbelievable ABANDONED Beach Resort

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Come take a tour through the most surreal location I have ever witnessed. Filled with tennis courts, 18 loft buildings, one 6 story condo tower complete with penthouses, & a massive restaurant and pool complex. All completely abandoned and untouched. Take a look at what The Colony, left in 2010, looks like today.

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Beginning/The Lofts - 02:21
Problems/Tower - 14:02
Pres. Bush/Penthouses - 23:28
The Future/Restaurant - 25:07
Final Word/Beach Front - 29:40

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I think it needs to be said for this video especially, that please don't visit this location. I know this is will be insanely easy to find, but the legal and safety risk just isn't worth it. If you do, please don't vandalize or destroy anything. You're not "dope af" if you tag your instagram handle on the wall in the spa, you're just an asshole.


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