Bee Keeping Frequently Asked Questions 10 Types of Bee Feeders and more!

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In this frequently asked questions about Honey Bees Episode #10, we discuss:

Bee Culture Magazine Subscription:

1) My opinion of Warre Hives.

2) Feeder Shim Dimensions and Plans:

3) Using Steam to melt wax and sanitize hive boxes:

4) After losing hives, incoming packages and nucs. Discussion.

5) What is the best thing to feed honey bees in spring and best way to give it to them? Landing board entry feeder? Pollen Substitute Study:

6) What about Re-Queening a colony with a different strain of Queen Bee?

7) What equipment should I have ready for spring?

Links to some items discussed in this video:

Ultra Bee Dry Pollen Substitute:

Ultra Bee Protein Patties:

Acorn Wax Dipped Frames:

Mann Lake Waxed Frames:

Honey B Healthy extends sugar syrup freshness:

Rapid Round Feeder:

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