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Tearing down that Highway! Idaho to Rufus, OR

Check out Diana's diary post (posted daily on our IG and Facebook pages)

November 4
We began our day at 5:30 am, and we all felt rested...time warp. We had breakfast, and then hit the road. We made it about 20 minutes and then nearly everyone complained they needed to pee with severe urgency. This set the tone for the day. We drove in short stints. Fiadh and her car seat are no bueno. We bought some @tillamookdairylands cheese and totally understand what everyone rants about, this stuff is dairy crack (@tdf_honest_farming makes the good milk). We drove along the Columbia River, which was beautiful and massive. I was surprised by the landscape in parts of Washington and Oregon. I felt like I could have easily been in Hanna AB or perhaps somewhere in rural Turkey (Cody made me ride a train across Anatolia once). We found a small town called Rufus, where the rv park boasted free wifi and showers.

- Diana

Post Scriptum.
Our hot water isn’t working in the trailer. I really hope Cody figures it out.

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