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Spaced Repetition Study Aid ⌛ 'The Recall Master' ⌛ Memory Retention (Binaural Beats Study Music)

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Spaced Repetition Study Aid - ''The Recall Master'' - Binaural Beats & Study Music for Memory Retention


Ace your exams with The Recall Master - our new Spaced Repetition audio which provides a method to help students fully ingrain their study material. Spaced learning has been shown to dramatically improve grades at all levels.

This session, which features a blend of concentration music and binaural beats, is structured in a way that allows the student to repeat their study sessions in THREE half hour segments. Through the use of binaural beats, each segment will guide you into deeper levels of receptivity, starting with Beta and ending with Theta. The intention here is that through every repetition, the study material will slowly become more and more ingrained within your mind. The method has been dubbed 'CRC', and is very easy to follow.

You can choose to use this study music for standard study (i.e. linearly, without repetition), OR you can utilize the method outlined below (recommended).


As binaural beats are used in this track, stereo headphones are required for best results. Use a comfortable volume.

➊ 00:00 - 30:00 - PHASE ONE (CRAM): Beta frequencies are ideal for focus and concentration. Within this state your mind is active, and alert, and can process facts rapidly. Don't stress about internalising everything at this stage - this will happen over the course of the audio and subsequent study periods. The key is to form a solid foundation which can be reinforced with every passing phase...

➋ Pause and take a 10-15 MINUTE BREAK. Shorten or lengthen as you please. Do something which doesn't require much thinking.

➌ 30:00 - 1:00:00 - PHASE TWO (REVIEW): Recap the information from Phase One. The Alpha state is highly conductive to learning and will encourage a further assimilation of your study material.

➍ Pause and take another 10-15 MINUTE BREAK. Again, don't do anything that requires much mental effort.

➎ 1:00:00 - 1:30:00 - PHASE THREE (CONSOLIDATE): Repeat your study AGAIN for further integration. These high-theta/low alpha waves are ideal for super-learning and help consolidate the information from the previous phases. Budzynski states that in this 'twilight' state, "..the brain has these properties of uncritical acceptance of verbal material or any material it can process".

✍ TIPS ✍

1)Time your study so the last stage finishes right before bed time - memory consolidation continues in your sleep!

2) Keep recapping your study material over and over using the CRC method until you feel confident that you have it all memorised. One cycle through the audio won't cut it unless you're just casually recapping stuff you already have down pat.

3) If repeating the cycle (With the same material or a different subject), be sure you take another break. During your breaks, don't do anything mentally demanding.

4) Your brain is composed of around 75 percent water - drink plenty of it!


You can use the entire audio as a CRAM session, then repeat for REVIEW and CONSOLIDATE. The three breaks will now be dispersed within, as well as at the end of each segment.

Alternatively, you can take breaks solely at the end of each CRC segment and simply extend the phases by however long you feel necessary by clicking on the relevant button. For example, if you want the segments to last one hour each, click on the button at the end of each half hour study period to double its length.

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