My Bad Experience Apple Macbook Pro Retina 2012

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Hello everybody!
So this is my first motovlog on the Yamaha R6. This is the first thing that came to mind so I decided to talk about what happened with my macbook pro. Although my Apple Care warranty expired, Apple offered a good deal asking only $310 to replace anything wrong with the laptop.

Apple replaced my GPU due to crashing and it disconnecting from the logic board, they replaced my fans, and they replaced the retina display at my request because it demonstrated a severe case of image retention. So I'm pretty happy with all they did for only 300 even though a $2,000 laptop shouldn't be having such bad issues after 2 years. This thing is a gaming computer too, in a sense. My cpu, ssd, and ram were perfectly functional, just my gpu was screwed up.

Also at first the apple genius tried telling me that my computer was perfectly fine and nothing was wrong with it. This was retarded though considering I could make it crash on the spot. Either was I was hooked up with a semi-knowlegeable genius (hehe) and my wallet took the $300 hit :(

If you guys are planning on buying a 2012 retina macbook pro, ensure that the discrete graphics processing unit works first! Especially if you are getting it off craigslist as I did lol. Also note that the ram is integrated into the logic beard and CANNOT be upgraded D:
Thanks guy and remember to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!! :))))
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Recorded with a GoPro HD Hero 2 Helmet Camera Motor Sports Edition at 720p 60 fps with an external mic. Editing done with Final Cut Pro X

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