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Easy Integration For Merchants

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It's an effortless technology revolution for merchants to start using MenaPay.

MenaPay provides easy access to merchants with different integration methods ranging from easy buttons, to APIs.

According to the merchants' needs, they'll be able to perform more complex tasks by utlising our custom integration tools, such as Rest APIs. With the help of our SDK, merchants will be able to use our API, whatever current technology they're using.

With the help of the Menapay dashboard, merchants will be able track all kinds of useful information in real time, such as customer transactions, details of the transaction, transaction history as well as much more.

They will also be able to manage their own account through the Menapay dashboard, with features offering user profiles, user management, account management, payment and withdrawal tracking.

The MenaPay Merchant Dashboard removes the barriers for a cryptocurrency to be used in real life transactions!

Merchants will have full control of their “MenaPay” payment gateway, as well as being able to fully integrate it into their internal systems and ensure compliance with any company policies.

For more information, www.menapay.io

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