3D Imagery of “Adrift” Sculpture Created at UConn Tech Park

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This captivating video is the first pass at creating a computerized 3D model of “Adrift”, a sculpture of a boat created by internationally recognized artist Judy Cotton. The sculpture is made of driftwood and is over 36 feet long and 11 feet high and is displayed on the Sculpture Trail at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, CT. The 3D model was generated by UConn Tech Park researchers from iterative photographs using sophisticated modeling software. It is being created as part of a partnership that includes UConn Tech Park, UConn School of Fine Arts, the Lyman Allyn Art Museum and Judy Cotton.
Technical details: The 3D data was gathered utilizing photogrammetry. A series of photographs were taken of the sculpture in controlled circles, varying the angle and height over several passes. The UConn team processed 23 photos to make up this initial 3D scan data using software called Meshroom and cleaned/repaired missing data with a 3D modeling software known as Blender. Additional iterations of photography and computer modeling will be used to refine the data and create the final model.

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