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My morning routine with 10 children is quite easy. Keep it simple and everyone gets the love they need.

Our oldest little girl Nefertiti is 3 years old and bit in this video. She has worked very hard and is out of her day nappy. Well done, sweetie! XX The night nappy is just in case of accidents. Less washing for me :)

The bottles are something we enjoy giving because it doesn't spill. We did the same with all our six older children and they survived to be normal happy healthy functioning humans. :)

This was filmed in July when its the brightest time of the year in Finland. The Land of the Midnight Sun. Google it. :)

Our children wake up at 5:30-5:50am on their own and this was their real waking up time filmed here in this video. :)

It was the real time when I left the room early in the morning. Later on during their morning nap from, 9.30 to 11.00, I added some things to the film for editing. You can see the bright light change to a bright yellow at the top of the stairs in the video. :)

If I filled a morning routine now I could not put the lights on to film because they would wake up. I would be right next to all the bedrooms downstairs also. :)

Daddy and Cleopatra helped film. Also daddy is a bit camera shy but now you can see him more in my resent videos! :D

Dad works late most night and it helps me if he stays there in the morning so that I can do things in the morning and be the mum I need to be.

He has never fallen off the bed so don't stress. Daddy is there also normally sleeping towards Omega. :)

Our kitchen floors are heated under the cotton homemade mat made by my grandma. This house is heated on all three levels and this was also the hottest time of the year here in Finland. :)

Watch all THREE parts before you ask question to do with food, etc. Also there is a BTS at the end of part 3/3.

I LOVE my mornings. I meant to get to answering these questions earlier but life is so beautiful with these little people so it took longer. I will edit this more later and add to it.

Thanks Taina. XXOO


John Bergman. ( LISTEN at 9:33 to 11:03! )

Mark Wahlberg ( wakes up at 2:30AM )


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