War Thunder: Pz.Sfl.Ic, Panzer II Ausf.H , German Tier-1 Premium Light Tank

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In this War Thunder video tutorial, I roll out in the Premium Panzer II Ausf.H , German Tier-1 Light Tank. ( GamePlay begins at the 7:30 min. marker on the video timeline ).
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How to Download and Install custom Skins in War Thunder:
Special thanks to HJohn for allowing me to use Video footage from his short film "Red Flag" to create my intro/exit, It was the winner of War Thunder's September 2015 video competition.
Here is a link to his full video:
( https://youtu.be/LIb7hN2inv0 )
And his YouTube channel: ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmKEgaWYKIcLwCBQH3NmenA/feed?activity_view=3 )

New WT Ground Forces Intro / Exit music is:
Song : “Breakpoint 2”
Composer: Christoffer Ditlevsen
from “Epidemic Sound” (http://www.epidemicsound.com)

The Background Music : “Wanted 11 ”
Composer: Anders Ekengren
Is from “Epidemic Sound”
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It is hereby also prohibited to use any designations related to the game “WAR THUNDER” (including, but not limited to the game title and logo) in order to individualize any products other than the game “WAR THUNDER”, with a view to profit or not, without prior consent of Gaijin Entertainment, as well as to register such designations as trademarks and/or domain names (including sub-domains) in any country of the world.
To avoid any doubt, the development of software, including applications for mobile devices, with the use of materials of the game “WAR THUNDER” is prohibited.
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This license is the integral part of the EULA. Any other matters not covered by this license shall be governed by the EULA. In case of conflict between the EULA and this license, the latter shall prevail.
On any issues related to the text of this license, please email us at [email protected]

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