Are Lines Parallel, Perpendicular, or Neither?

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Learn whether lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither by rearranging the equation into slope intercept form and analyzing the slope. We go through 3 examples in this free math tutorial by Mario's Math Tutoring.

0:13 How to Know if the Lines are Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither
0:25 Key To Identifying the Slope of the Lines
0:39 Example 1 Are 3x-2y=6 and y=(3/2)x + 10 Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither?
0:49 Rewriting Equations in Slope Intercept Form
1:18 Example 2 Are 2x-5y=20 and y=(-5/3)x - 3 Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither?
2:04 Example 3 Are 3x+8y+12 and 2x-y=7 Parallel, Perpendicular, or Neither?

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