How to Pronounce "B" and "V" [ ForB English Lesson ]

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Welcome to ForB's English lesson video! This time Robbie is going to explain how to pronounce "B" and "V." For other videos, please check out ForB YouTube Channel. ⇒

Hello, everyone and welcome to ForB's English lesson video. I'm Robbie and today we are focusing on pronunciation. The pronunciation of "b" and "v."

So, let's start with the sounds of "b" and "v." First one is "b." It's pronounced "b, b." So, it's an explosion of your lips to make the sound "b, b, b." So, let's look at a word with the letter "b." "Big." "b, b, b, b, big." Now you try. OK. Next word, "brown, b, b, b, b, brown." Now you try.

OK. Next is the letter "v." "vvv." This sound is a vibration. So, you place your top teeth on your bottom lip. Breathe. Let the air pass through and make a vibration sound. "vvv, vvv, vvv." You should feel the vibration through your face. So, let's try two words here. First one is "volleyball." "v, v, v, v, volleyball." Now you try. OK. Next one, "very." "v, v, v, v, very." Now you try. OK. Great.

OK. Now, let's try a sentence with "v" and "b." OK. "Very bad volleyball boys. Very bad volleyball boys." Now you try. OK. Very good. So, remember the "b" sound, "b" and the "v" sound, "v."

OK. So this concludes today's English lesson video. Pronunciation "b" and "v." Thank you very much for watching. My name's Robbie and see you next time!

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