eleven.five & Sundrowner - Gemini [Silk Music]

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▼ Album Tracklist:
01 This Is How It Will Feel (Ode To Jimmy)
02 Silver London
03 LiPo (with LTN)
04 Disguise (with Incognito Soul)
05 Gemini (with Sundrowner)
06 Small
07 Sydney Sleeps Alone Tonight (with Dan Sieg)
08 When People Become Numbers
09 Remember (with Arielle Maren) [Bandcamp Bonus Track]
10 Arcanum
11 Echo
12 Found (with Dan Sieg)
13 Keep My Heart [Bonus Track]

The debut artist album of eleven.five, the Virginia native who we affectionately know as Eric Fox, has truly been a lifetime in the making. We, at Silk Music, have had the privilege of co-piloting the last five years of eleven.five's musical journey, as his memorable lead themes and innovative grooves have found their way into the hands of Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, and various other esteemed international purveyors of house, progressive, and trance. From the deep, noir-tinged "Echo" to the euphoric, celestially inspired "Explanation," eleven.five's classics seem to have drawn from myriad influences and subgenres of electronic music.

His triumphant "When People Become Numbers" artist album continues to showcase his immense musical creativity and versatility. Thumping, yet emotive club-friendly cuts are punctuated by more pensive, deep-flavored compositions, including several cinematic and timeless chillout pieces. An exceedingly talented cast of electronic music veterans co-author a few chapters of eleven.five's aural narrative, namely: Arielle Maren, LTN, Dan Sieg, Sundrowner, and Incognito Soul.

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