Zoologist Perfumes Q&A With Victor Wong @ Esxence 2018 + 11ml Bottle Of Choice WW Giveaway - vTomb

Zoologist Perfumes Q&A With Victor Wong @ Esxence 2018 + 11ml Bottle Of Choice WW Giveaway

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Zoologist Perfumes Brand Overview With Victor Wong
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Zoologist Perfumes Q&A With Victor Wong

This is my Zoologist Perfumes Q&A With Victor Wong of Zoologist Perfumes. Victor Wong discusses his fragrance line Zoologist Perfumes in this video shot in Milan, Italy last week at the Esxence perfume fair. If you've been wanting to find out all about Zoologist Perfumes from the man himself who started the brand this is the video for you.

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🔵More Info here: http://lookingfeelingsmellinggreat.com/2018/04/12/zoologist-perfumes-qa-with-victor-wong/


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