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All around the world there are some amazing, fun, quirky, creepy, down-right freaky traditions that have been followed for sometimes hundreds of years! Today we join in on the fun, and take part in some amazing traditions from around the world.

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10 - The Big 3 0…
If you’re unmarried and are about to turn the big 3 0, and living in Germany, chances are you’ll find yourself cleaning the doorknobs belonging to your best friend. If you want to get out of this tedious chore, grab a kiss from the opposite gender – quickly!

9 - Sweets for my sweets…
There are different variations of this tradition around the world, but in Bolivia it’s an annual must-do, and all the pastry shops and bakeries are in on it too! They prepare all their cakes and desserts as per usual, but in the odd one here and there, they’ll hide a coin. Whoever is lucky enough to find the coin will have a new year filled with goodness and wonderful surprises.

8 - An eye for an eye…
Or in this case, you’re giving up a finger and it’s a tradition belonging to the Dani or Ndani tribe of people that live in Baliem Valley in West Papua, New Guinea. They have a tradition of chopping their fingers off to show that they are grieving. They also smear their faces with ashes and clay to show how sorrowful they are. The amputated finger gets buried with their deceased loved one, as a symbol of their eternal love… Don’t you feel a little sorry for the person who’s having an affair?

7 - Cry just a little...
In China, brides are said to cry for a month before tying the knot with their betrothed. This strange tradition is followed by the Fuji living in Wuling Mountains. The crying is actually happy crying, and the whole female side of the family joins in too, but at different stages before the bride’s big day.

6 - What goes up…
Toddler tossing in India is something that has been practiced for 700-years! The custom is banned in India, but there are still parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka that still practice this tradition. Babies are dropped from heights of 30-feet into a blanket held out be friends and family and is meant to bring good luck to the falling child.

5 - Happy birthday to all…
When it’s a child’s birthday in the Netherlands, not only is the kid wished but the family members too. It’s a simple, sweet tradition!

4 - Break a leg…
Or a plate or two! Polterabend is an old wedding tradition that takes place in Germany. All the friends and family of the newly weds come together and break dishes, which the bride and groom then have to clean up. It’s said to assist them in practicing to work together when times are tough. Surely there must be other ways than wasting plates though, like try handing them a newborn baby and leaving them alone for a couple of hours – that will do the trick – although the wedding may be called off shortly thereafter!

3 – Sink or swim…
This is a tradition that will not be around for very much longer and is called Stilt Fishing. It takes place in Sri Lanka and it came about when there was overfishing near the shores, so the men would fish on top of the water. They would used capsized boats initially, but then developed this unique way of doing it. Some reports suggest that those still using this method are simply there to lure the tourists to the area and not actually catching the fish.

2 - Which witch is which?
Over in the Czech Republic they have an annual ritual of burning witches. Before you freak out, they don’t go looking for real witches, rather they celebrate Paleni Carodejnic – which is celebrating the end of winter. In the old days they believed that witches got weaker as the weather got warmer, and it became a tradition to make something that looked like a witch and burn it at the end of April. It’s a very festive and fun evening enjoyed by many!


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