1861 = Inizio Emigrazione / The Beginning of Southern Italian Emigration (with English subtitles)

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This is the wonderful video by Ilovenaples2007, with English subtitles added by me. All credit goes to Ilovenaples2007. Original video without subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnzMEA7QeqI

Ilovenaples2007' description of this video:

Dal 1861, ciò che era stato il ricco Regno delle Due Sicilie diventa terra di Emigrazione.

La manodopera servirà ad accrescere le casse del Centro e del Nord Italia.

Filmati da:
- TG2 Dossier Garibaldi
- Su al Sud (con un piccolo intervento di Renzo Arbore)

La pagina iniziale mostra lo stemma della Dinastia dei Borbone e la cartina del Regno delle Due Sicilie

Translation into English (by me):

Beginning with 1861, what had been the rich Kingdom of the Two Sicilies became a land of Emigration.

Its workforce will be instrumental to increasing the wealth of Central and Northern Italy.

Video clips from:
- TG2 Dossier Garibaldi
- Su al Sud (with a brief talk by Renzo Arbore)

The initial page shows the Bourbon Dynasty's coat of arms and a map of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

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