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How To Put On a Tampon

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How To Put On a Tampon

Learn how to wear a tampon the right way. This video shows a girl putting in tampon to explain you how to use tampons without hurting yourself. Tampons or sanitary pads are needed when you menstruate (bleeding) and have periods. All of you must have asked the question how to stop periods.

If you have decided to use a tampon instead of a sanitary pad, your first question would be how to put on a tampon. We know that for the first time it can seem scary. Now the box usually should have directions but follow along with me as I talk you through it.

So you go to the store and go shopping for tampons. You have a few options, cardboard, plastic or applicator free. For your first time, I recommend a plastic applicator and get a thin or regular absorbency. You can work your way up to a larger size but for now start small.

Now let’s get into the actual usage.
1. Wash your hands. You will be all up in your lady bits so you want to make sure you have clean hands.
2. Sit on the toilet and spread your knees far apart or if you stand, put one foot higher like on the toilet seat. Whatever works for you.
3. Take the tampon out of the wrapper and hold it correctly. At the midpoint of the tampon where the smaller tube meets the larger tube (sometimes it has ridges), hold it between your thumb and middle finger like this. Place your pointer finger on the end of the applicator (the part where the string would come out)
4. Slowly insert the top, thicker half of the applicator into the vagina. You want to go in at an angle towards your back so that the tampon should go in smoothly. If it wont go any further, you have hit a vaginal wall so re angle. You insert till your fingers hit your vagina.
5. Now use your index finger to push the thinner part of the applicator. You’ll feel the tampon more a few more inches inside of you and you should stop where the thick and thin ends of the applicator meet.
6. Pull out the applicator. If you have followed instructions correctly the applicator should be automatically on its way out. You may have to get it a gentle tug. Don’t worry, you won’t pull the tampon out with it.
7. Check for comfort. Now if you have done it correct, you shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon at all. If you feel pain to sit down or walk around, then something’s wrong, most likely the tampon isn’t far enough. Take it out and try again with a new one.
8. Speaking of taking it out, this is how. You see the string that dangles? Well once your tampon is completely absorbed, you should be able to just tug the string and pull the tampon out of you. Since your vaginal walls are lubricated with menstrual blood, it would be pretty painless. Don’t tense up, just relax. Now if you feel some pain or friction, its probably because the tampon is too dry. That means either you should switch to lower absorbency or you should wait longer before trying to take it out.

Major tampon manufacturers are ob, kotex and tampax.

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